Welcome to African Youth Agripreneurs - AYA

Enabling growth and sustainability of youth-led agribusinesses across Africa

Welcome, Agripreneurs!

African Youth Agripreneurs platform is an initiative supported by FAO and the East African Farmer Federation (EAFF) that responds to the youth demand for increased access to experience sharing, learning, and mentorship opportunities. It contributes to the overall objective of fostering rural youth networking and meaningful engagement in agri-food systems.

We are a community that provides a space for rural youth agripreneurs to share knowledge and opportunities; engage in peer-to-peer learning; network; participate in thematic dialogues; access agribusiness online courses; mentorship; coaching and do-it-yourself innovation toolkits relevant to their ventures.ย 

Our focus is to enable the growth and sustainability of youth-led agribusinesses and contribute to diverse advocacy efforts of young womenโ€™s involvement in the agri-food system value chain.


Who Should Join?

  • Individual agripreneurs and youth groups
  • Youth champions and associates of rural youth networks/organizations in the agriculture sector.
  • Young people not directly engaged but are interested in the agriculture sector.
  • Anyone who is involved in the agriculture sector: policymakers, service providers, developmental organizations, etc.

Community Benefits

  • Access to a community of like-minded people and posting to the platform.
  • Get to interact on diverse topics, and share content, comments, and messages with your peers.
  • Exclusive weekly virtual meetups i.e live podcasts or live chats with key stakeholders
  • Access to exclusive live events, webinars, and unlimited replay of all past events.
  • Access to e-learning courses, online mentorship, and coaching sessions.

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